Privacy Policy

Operation: ExHale Inc. was founded with the hopes of raising both awareness and money, to assist families in desperate need of help protecting their children from the horrors of child abuse.

Many of the parents in this situation, are faced with an impossible task.

It takes an exorbitant amount of money paid out to lawyers, guardians, and doctors, to even get “the system” to listen.


A system, that is supposed to be predicated on the “best interest” of the children, yet the best interest often seems to be lining their own pockets, and delaying the process, rather than the safety of your child.


We intend to raise money for the families currently going through this, to get their kids to safety as soon as possible, and to raise awareness at the state and government level to affect change nationwide. My children were in danger for months, and while they sat having their innocence stolen from them, and I stood begging and screaming for “the system” to help us, my family endured what seemed like a never-ending battle to get the court’s attention.


It took nearly two years to save my kids. I won’t rest until I help ensure that no family ever goes through anything like that ever again.