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Casey says the turning point came when his oldest children, Lucas and Hayley, saw the alleged abuse begin to happen to their baby sister, Hannah.

“It was, ‘Enough was enough,’” Casey says. “They were so brave. Their lives are going to be bettered because they have understood what that means for them. That moment of, ‘I’m not ashamed.’”

With their continued therapy, his children are starting to thrive, breaking down walls with new painful revelations being jogged from their memory. The oldest, Lucas, now 6, has blown away Casey with how he has led. The youngest, Hannah, just 3, isn’t afraid of anything anymore, according to Casey, after not being old enough to communicate about the scary situation.

The middle child, 5-year-old Hayley, has gained confidence.

“It is like a totally different person,” Casey says. “She is now walking with swag. She was totally introspective in a corner before.”

Every night, Casey and his three children say the same mantra: “This is a safe house. There is no hitting. Only love.”

Now Casey wants to help others be heard. He has started a foundation called Operation ExHale. The goal is to assist families experiencing instances of child abuse by raising money and awareness for those in need.

Its slogan: “Together, we can help keep children safe!”

That is why Casey Stern wanted to tell his story.

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