Helping Hands

A Letter From Our Founder

Operation: ExHale Inc. was founded with the hopes of raising both awareness and money, to assist families in desperate need of help protecting their children from the horrors of child abuse.

Many of the parents in this situation, are faced with an impossible task. It takes an exorbitant amount of money paid out to lawyers, guardians, and doctors, to even get “the system” to listen. 

Even when they do, while you are literally struggling to breathe, out of fear for your child's safety, they are struggling to find time in the calendar to fit you in, outside of the "Every 60 days we will take your money" routine.


Unequivocally, this "Family Law" aspect of our Justice System is supposed to be predicated on the “best interest” of the children. We are not going to stop until we take "supposed to" and turn it into "IS!"


We intend to raise money for the families currently going through this, to get their kids to safety as soon as possible, and to raise awareness at the state and government level to affect change nationwide. 


My children were in danger for months, and while they sat having their innocence stolen from them, and I stood begging and screaming for “the system” to help us, my family endured what seemed like a never-ending battle to get the court’s attention. 

It can take MONTHS to get someone to even pay attention to you, and only MOMENTS for you to lose the people you cherish the most. 

I have seen this. I have lived this. I will not allow this to happen any longer. 

Note. Additionally, we will be helping to create further awareness and funding in the fight against Domestic Violence. There are many who are in need of help, and they're begging you to listen; but you are just not seeing the signs. I want to get help for those families, so they can understand. 

I am only one person. I cannot do this alone. Please, take my hand. Together we can show people that even in 2020, there is NOTHING stronger on this Earth than the love we have for our children, and the Human Spirit that is still very much alive in you. 

Here. We. GO! 

Casey Stern