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Our Mission

Operation: ExHale, Inc. was founded with the hopes of raising both awareness and money, to assist families in desperate need of help. 


We are hoping that the additional funding will aid families in their ability to protect their children. That will not be enough.


We must change the way the Family Law portion of the justice system currently views what is supposed to be their calling card; the "Best Interests Of the Children."

Our Solution

We will be partnering with organizations to assist with the funding necessary to ensure that families have the means to fight to keep their children safe. 

Additionally, we will join hands with organizations that aid families in understanding how to support not only the children who have been victims of child abuse, but also the custodial parent(s) who is then tasked with the impossible.

Finally, we will be pounding pavement, knocking on doors, and busting others down....until this country pays attention to the one group that can never call out for help. They are "The Voiceless." 

We are here, and we are going to change that.


Are you ready to join the fight? 



- A 24 Hour Telethon dedicated to the cause, choc full of Celebrity Talent, laughter, and hopefully lots and lots of dollars! 

- A 5K in the Spring of 2021 in Atlanta, GA, with all proceeds going to families across the United States

- Our First Annual "Strike Out The Silence" Fundraiser coming in the Summer of 2021, with MLB players past and present gathering for a meaningful afternoon....of meaningless softball. Add in a ton of "moments to remember," unbelievable memorabilia items in our 1st ever "Exhale Auction" and tons of love for the children who finally can feel like they are on the winning team. 


Every cent helps these children and their families. Thank You!